Land for Resort at Tampah Beach,Kuta Lombok


Land size 20,000 m2 (2 hectare) Ideal for Hotel and Resort Freehold certificate title Price IDR 1.080.000,- / m2 Gmap…

  20000 m2

Land for Business or Residence at Sandik, West Lombok


Total land area 4600 m2 (46 are) Front width of 35 meters Ideal for shop houses, offices, housing, warehouses, etc.…

  4600 m2

Land for Villa, or Restaurant at Kuta Bypass – 1600 m2


Total land area 1600 m2 Freehold Title Strategic location near Kuta Heights Front width of 20 meters Suitable for villas,…

  1600 m2

Land at Serangan Beach, Near Kuta Lombok


Land area 3900 m2 Ideal for Hotel and Resort Freehold certificate title Price IDR 1.920.000‬ / m2 Gmap Location: CLICKRead…

  3900 m2

Land at Gerung,Lombok~11.75 m2


Land size 11,75 are the main highway intersection of five gerung Price IDR 410.000,- / m2 Ideal for Mart, Store,…

  1175 m2

Business + Land at bangsal pemenang, Lombok ~ 2200 m2


Price is all Inclusive (Agent fees, Government Taxes, Notarial Services, etc) Total Land size ~2200 m2 (Rp 1.92 mil/m2) 200…

  3   3

Central Park Home-office 9AP – West Jakarta


Central Park is an exclusive office and residential center which includes several apartments, Central Park Mall, Pullman Hotel, Neo Soho,…

  5   591 m2

Land At Dusun Ngolang,Kuta Lombok(12.000 m2)


Land Size 12.000 m2 (120 are) Ideal for hotel. Price of IDR 78.000.000/areRead More →

Land At Dusun Baturiti Kuta, Lombok~3.681 m2


Land Size 3.681 m2 (36,81 are) Ideal for hotel. Price of IDR 270.000.000/are Gmap Location: CLICKRead More →

  3681 m2

Land at Dusun Rangkap, Lombok behind the Moto GP Circuit


Location is at Dusun Rangkap 2 (Behind the GP Moto Circuit), Kuta, Land Size 3.915 m2 (39,15 are) Ideal for…

Land at Kuta Sentral,Lombok~52230 m2


Land Size 52230 m2 (52,23 are) Ideal for hotel. Price of IDR 198.000.000/areRead More →

Land in Kuta, Lombok Near Future Moto GP Circuit


Land Size 2.727 m2 (27,27 are) Ideal for hotel. Price is IDR 78.000.000/areRead More →

Land in Gili Trawangan,Lombok Strategic (safe from flooding)

Rp14.000.000.000 Rp12.750.000.000

At the center of Gili Trawangan intersection.Total Land size of 7498 m2 (Rp 1.9 million/m2) SALE PRICE, Rp 1.7 million/m2…

  7498 m2

Land in the Grupuk village, right beside ITDC


Land Grupuk, right beside ITDC, connected with the beach. This is where the Mandalika circuit will be built.Land is half…

  12400 m2

Home Office at Batu Bulan, Gianyar Bali~86 m2


Land Size 86 m2 Building Size 54 Ideal for home,office and industry This building consists of 1 floors Price is…

  86 m2

Homestay at Kuta 404m2


11 Room Homestay at Kuta: 404m2 Total Price Rp. 3 Billion ~ 200000 USD as is Freehold Title with main…

  404 m2

Land at Kuta Lombok, 19065m2


Land size 19065 m2 ideal for hotel Price is IDR More →

  19065 m2

Land at Kuta 2500 m2, Lombok


Land Size 2500 m2 Ideal For hotel Price Is IDR More →

  2500 m2

Land at Kuta 2015m2, 2548m2, 3315m2


Land at Kuta, two certificates: 2015m2, 2548m2 and 3315m2 Total is 7878m2 at Rp. 1,6 Million/m2 Total price is 12,6…

  2548 m2