Land for Hotel or Resort at Tampah Beach, Near From Kuta, Lombok ~ 20.000 m2

Rp21.600.000.000 Tampah Beach Land size 20,000 m2 (2 hectare) Ideal for Hotel and Resort Freehold certificate title Price IDR 1.080.000,- / m2 Gmap Location: CLICKRead More →
20000 m2

Land for Business or Residence at Sandik, West Lombok ~ 4600 m2

Rp9.821.000.000 Jl. Pariwisata 8 Total land area 4600 m2 (46 are) Front width of 35 meters Ideal for shop houses, offices, housing, warehouses, etc. Freehold Title Price of 175…
4600 m2

Land for Hotel, Villa, or Restaurant at Kuta Bypass – 1600 m2

Rp3.840.000.000 Jl. Pariwisata Total land area 1600 m2 Freehold Title Strategic location near Kuta Heights Front width of 20 meters Suitable for villas, hotels and restaurants Price of…
1600 m2

Land for Hotel and Resort at Serangan Beach, Near from Kuta – 3900 m2

Rp7.844.000.000 Serangan Beach Land area 3900 m2 Ideal for Hotel and Resort Freehold certificate title Price IDR 1.920.000‬ / m2 Gmap Location: CLICKRead More →
3900 m2

land for mart,store and restaurant in front of the highway

Rp400.000.000 Jl. Raya Gerung Land size 11,75 are the main highway intersection of five gerung Price IDR 410.000,- / m2 Ideal for Mart, Store, restaurant Gmap Location: CLICKRead More…
1175 m2

Business + Land at bangsal pemenang, Lombok ~ 2200 m2

Rp4.200.000.000 Bangsal Pemenang Price is all Inclusive (Agent fees, Government Taxes, Notarial Services, etc) Total Land size ~2200 m2 (Rp 1.92 mil/m2) 200 m from main Transit harbour…

Ruko Garden Shopping Arcade – 9AP – Jakarta Barat

Rp25.000.000.000 #9 AP, Garden Shopping Arcade, Central Park, Jl. S Parman kav 28 Ruko berada di posisi bundaran. Dibanding ruko2 di sebelahnya, ruko ini memiliki ruang2 tambahan, seperti basement, balkon sebesar 1 lantai di lantai 3, dome sebesar…
120 m2

Land For Hotel At Dusun Ngolang Desa Kuta, Lombok, ~ 12.000 M2 (120 are)

Rp9.360.000.000 Dusun Ngolang Desa Kuta Lombok Land Size 12.000 m2 (120 are) Ideal for hotel. Price of IDR 78.000.000,-/areRead More →

Land For Hotel At Dusun Baturiti Kuta, Lombok, 3.681 M2 (36,81 are)

Rp9.938.700.000 Dusun Baturiti Kuta Land Size 3.681 m2 (36,81 are) Ideal for hotel. Price of IDR 270.000.000,-/are Gmap Location: CLICKRead More →
3681 m2